Double show kicks off Tulsa Little Jam season

Tulsa Little Jam, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting local music locally and nationally, announced its next “jam” that will take place from 6-11 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12, at the Woody Guthrie Center.

Tickets are $15-$25 (go to for the all-ages show, which will kick off 2019 with a double show that will feature six bands in one night.

Tulsa Little Jam is an intimate live music video and podcast series that showcases Tulsa’s finest musicians, singers and songwriters. Live and unrehearsed, these performances and interviews will be shared weekly via streaming video and podcast across a multitude of platforms.

Acts that will perform and participate in interviews with host Juan Reinoso are Smoochie Wallus, Weston Horn & The Hush, Grazzhopper, Cliffdiver, Jeremiah Kerby and Alexis Onyango.

Food by local catering company Rub and adult beverages of all varieties will be available through OK Distilling Co.


All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to benefit music programs for Tulsa youth. The season’s presenting sponsor is Improving Lives Counseling Services Inc., which provides comprehensive counseling services for all ages including those on limited incomes.

“As someone who played a musical instrument in school, I understand the costs can be prohibitive for lessons and instruments for many people,” Kneale Ewing, founder and CEO of Improving Lives, said in a news release.

“I’m also a huge advocate for giving our kids the opportunity to learn and play music as an outlet for emotions and feelings they may not otherwise be able to articulate. In my experience, children that have a musical background see and appreciate the world in a very different context than others. It’s definitely to their advantage and too many of our schools have little to no arts programs available whatsoever. We are thrilled to be partnering with Tulsa Little Jam. I’d also like to challenge other businesses to learn more about what Tulsa Little Jam is doing and invest in our children and our local talent by sponsoring this dedicated group of individuals making such a unique imprint in Tulsa.”

Tulsa Little Jam is accepting sponsorships for the remainder of the 2019 season. For more information, email Juan Reinoso at



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